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He did it.

He did it.
He got it!

I told Brendan tonight as I was putting him to bed how proud I was of him. We were laying there in the dark after reading the last chapter of Stuart Little.

“Hey, Brenie? I am so proud of you! You are a two-wheeler bike rider now!” I told him.

“Yeah, Daddy, I am almost a two-wheeler bike rider, right?”

“What do you mean, almost? No, you ride all over — ”

“But Daddy. I fall off some times.”

“Oh no! Everybody falls off every now and then — especially when they’re learning. You are officially a two-wheeler bike rider!”

Officially? …. For real?

Though it was dark, in the sound of his voice I could see his chest puff out. His world had just expanded.

And, at the same time I feel so much pride, I feel a bit sad as it’s the first of many steps he’ll take that move him farther away from me.

Ride on, Brendan! I love to watch you go!


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