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The hub of Manhattan. 

Grand Central Terminal, NYC

So, a shot of GCT — probably the millionth one on Flickr, but I couldn’t help myself.

Something about NYC — a fascination with it … an intangible I can’t quite put into words. The enormity of the city — population and architecturally — is never lost on me.

When you take a Metro-North train (the commuter train that services NYC from the north) you begin to get a sense of the city and hugeness when you cross the Harlem river — or is it called the East river at that point — from The Bronx into Manhattan.  You ride a short distance and eventually disappear beneath the concrete and steel as you approach GCT.  If you look out the window into the barely lit underworld, you see an unimaginable number of tracks all fanning out from your entry point.  As you almost arrive at the platform, you can see sets of tracks that go down to the lower level.

Just think about it…  Already underground.  Additional sets of track below you.  Tons upon tons of buildings and roads above you.  At this point I think, “How is this all possible?!”  I mean it’s borderline unreal!

Then you walk from the train platform and enter the main lobby of Grand Central Terminal and it’s just magnificent.  Stunning.  Huge.  Yet, somehow inviting as well.

If you’re going to meet someone here, you meet them at “The Clock” — the information booth with the clock over it in the center of the terminal lobby.  That’s where everyone decides to meet up when arriving at GCT from different origins.  And somehow, it’s never too crowded at The Clock that you don’t find who you’re looking for.


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